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Get Well Flowers
Get Well Florals Designer's Choice in Kitchener, ON | CAMERONS FLOWER SHOP
Get Well Florals
Designer's Choice
These flowers are sure to make them smile when they need it the most! Show them you care with a beautiful flower arrangement designed by our expert florists. Send our Designer’s Choice Get Well flowers to give them something to feel good about!
Shown at $112.00
Shown at $112.00
Poetic Pleasure Basket Arrangement in Kitchener, ON | CAMERONS FLOWER SHOP
Poetic Pleasure
Basket Arrangement
This bouquet is an ode to beauty! The gorgeous champagne roses, green carnations, green hydrangea, and more create a stunning image, perfect for any occasion. Surprise someone you love with Poetic Pleasure today!
Shown at $85.00
Shown at $85.00
Have A Lovely Day! Bouquet in Kitchener, ON | CAMERONS FLOWER SHOP
Have A Lovely Day!
These radiant flowers are the perfect way to let that special someone know just how special they are! Have a Lovely Day is a stunning mix of bright yellow lilies and gorgeous bi-colored yellow and pink roses that rival even the sunniest day. Whether it’s for a special birthday or a “thinking of you” pick-me-up, this striking arrangement is sure to make any day lovely!
Shown at $100.00
Shown at $100.00
Get Well Special Designer's Choice in Kitchener, ON | CAMERONS FLOWER SHOP
Get Well Special
Designer's Choice
These flowers are the perfect way to say, “Get well soon!” Show them you care with beautiful flowers designed by our expert florists. This arrangement is sure to put a smile on their face when they need a little something to lift their spirits when they’re feeling sick!
Shown at $92.00
Shown at $92.00
Hospitals and Health Care Providers in Our Delivery Area:
Name Address Phone
A Body In Motion70 Victoria St N, Kitchener, ON. N2H 5C2(519) 579-3746
Bankside Terrace71 Bankside Dr Kitchener, ON. N2N 3L1(519) 749-9999
Bridges To Health208 King St. S Kitchener, ON. N2G 4R3(519) 957-5000
Cardinal Counselling And Mediation678 Belmont Avenue West #102 Kitchener, ON. N2M 1N6(519) 746-9062
Conestoga Lodge55 Hugo Cres Kitchener, ON. N2M 5J1(519) 576-2140
Conestoga Physiotherapy501 Krug St Kitchener, ON. N2B 1L3(519) 745-6990
Conestoga Towers221 Queen St S Kitchener, ON. N2G 1W5(519) 578-9280
Doon Valley Manor86 Doon Valley Dr Kitchener, ON. N2P 1B2(519) 895-0842
Ear & Hearing Clinic1187 Fisher-hallman Rd, #629 Kitchener, ON. N2E 4H9(519) 743-7000
Emmanuel Village Homes Inc1250 Weber St E #1 Kitchener, ON. N2A 4E1(519) 748-4814
Fairway Dental Urgent Care Clinic385 Fairway Road South Unit #203 Kitchener, ON. N2C 2N9(519) 893-9494
Family Physician Clinic289 Frederick St Kitchener, ON. N2H 2N3(519) 742-0001
Forest Heights Long Term Ctre60 Westheights Dr Kitchener, ON. N2N 2A8(519) 576-3320
Foxboro Green Inc630 Riverbend Dr Kitchener, ON. N2K 3S2(519) 576-5474
Grand River HospitalPo Box 9056 Stn C Kitchener, ON. N2G 1G3(519) 749-4211
Grand River Hospital3570 King St E Kitchener, ON. N2A 4B2(519) 894-8346
Hospice Of Waterloo298 Lawrence Ave, Kitchener, ON. N2M 5B6(519) 742-3611
Kinetics25 Bruce St Kitchener, ON. N2B 1Y4(519) 725-2641
Kw Hospice Palliative Care Team298 Lawrence Ave, Kitchener, ON. N2M 1Y4(519) 578-9757
Lafontaine Terrace169 Borden Ave N Kitchener, ON. N2H 3J5(519) 576-2800
Lanark Retirement Community44 Lanark Cres Kitchener, ON. N2N 2Z8(519) 743-0121
Lancaster Dental493 Lancaster Street West Suite #206 Kitchener, ON. N2K 1L8(519) 578-9670
Lifespring Counselling100 Fergus Ave. Kitchener, ON. N2A 2H2(519) 329-6988
Meadowcroft Place164 Fergus Ave Kitchener, ON. N2A 2H2(519) 894-9600
Meadowcroft Place20 Fieldgate St Kitchener, ON. N2M 5K3(519) 741-0221
Millwood Manor409 Mill St Kitchener, ON. N2M 3R9(519) 745-9901
Pace Consulting Group10 Alpine Ct Kitchener, ON. N2E 2M7(519) 576-6701
Passport Health Kitchener Travel Clinic684 Belmont Avenue West, Suite 304 Kitchener, ON. N2M 1N6(519) 749-3372
Primacy - Laurentian Walk-In Clinic750 Ottawa Street South Kitchener, ON. N2A 1H1(519) 570-3174
Rockway Chiropractic Clinic589 Charles Street East Kitchener, ON. N2G 2R4(519) 744-4745
Sandhills Christian Community189 Queen St S Kitchener, ON. N2G 1W2(519) 742-4222
Senioren Haus Concordia Inc483 Ottawa St S Kitchener, ON. N2M 5H1(519) 745-1200
Sobriety Center19 Scott St Kitchener, ON. N2H 2P6(519) 342-6217
St Mary's Counselling Services30 Duke St W Kitchener, ON. N2H 3W5(519) 745-2585
St Mary's General Hospital911 Queen's Blvd Kitchener, ON. N2M 1B2(519) 744-3311
Strive Physiotherapy & Performance260 Doon S Dr #8 Kitchener, ON. N2P 2L8(519) 895-2020
Sunnyside Home247 Franklin St N Kitchener, ON. N2A 1Y5(519) 893-8482
Trinity Village Care Ctr2727 Kingsway Dr Kitchener, ON. N2C 1A7(519) 893-6320
Urgent Care Clinics751 Victoria Street South Kitchener, ON. N2M 5N4(519) 745-2273
Urgent Care Clinics385 Fairway Road South Kitchener, ON. N2C 2N9(519) 748-2327
Victoria Place290 Queen St S Kitchener, ON. N2G 1W3(519) 576-1300
Village Of Winston Park695 Block Line Rd Kitchener, ON. N2E 3K1(519) 576-2430
We Care Home Health Services700 Strasburg Road, Unit So30 Kitchener, ON. N2E 2M2(519) 576-7474
Weber Medical Centre & Walk In Clinic5a-1400 Weber Street East Kitchener, ON. N2A 3Z8(519) 748-6933
Withdrawal Management CentreGlasgow & Park Kitchener, ON. N2A 2W1(519) 749-4318
Victoria Lodge144 Piper St Ayr, ON. N0B 1E0(519) 632-7541
Avonlea Place611 Dunbar Rd Cambridge, ON. N3H 2T4(519) 650-1102
Cambridge Country ManorRr 31 Stn Preston Cambridge, ON. N3H 4R6(519) 650-0100
Cambridge Memorial Hospital700 Coronation Blvd Cambridge, ON. N1R 3G2(519) 621-2330
Central Park Lodges Ltd614 Coronation Blvd Cambridge, ON. N1R 3E8(519) 622-1840
Fairview Mennonite Home515 Langs Dr Cambridge, ON. N3H 5E4(519) 653-5719
Golden Years Nursing HomePo Box 3277 Stn Preston Cambridge, ON. N3H 4T3(519) 653-5493
Grand River Retirement Home62 Grand Ave N Cambridge, ON. N1S 2K9(519) 621-5502
Hanning House540 Queenston Rd Cambridge, ON. N3H 3J8(519) 650-2505
Hilltop Manor Nursing Home42 Elliott St Cambridge, ON. N1R 2J2(519) 621-3067
Marsdale Retirement Residence25 Linnwood Ave Cambridge, ON. N1R 1V2(519) 622-5864
Preston Springs Gardens102 Fountain St S Cambridge, ON. N3H 5R2(519) 653-8282
Queen's Square Terrace10 Melville St N Cambridge, ON. N1S 1H5(519) 621-2777
Riverbend Place650 Coronation Blvd Cambridge, ON. N1R 7S6(519) 740-3820
Riverfront Dental725 Coronation Blvd Suite B1 & B2 Cambridge, ON. N1R 7S9(519) 621-2111
Riverside Manor Inc54 Grand Ave N Cambridge, ON. N1S 2K9(519) 621-5256
Saint Luke's Place1624 Franklin Blvd Cambridge, ON. N3C 3P4(519) 658-5183
St Ann's Retirements Home22 Tannery St E Cambridge, ON. N3C 2B9(519) 658-1334
St James Place20 Elliott St Cambridge, ON. N1R 2J2(519) 622-9147
Village Of Savannah Oaks10 Isherwood Ave Cambridge, ON. N1R 8L5(519) 624-8888
Chateau Gardens Elmira11 Herbert St Elmira, ON. N3B 2B8(519) 669-2921
Duke Centre Retirement Home28 Duke St Elmira, ON. N3B 2W9(519) 669-3835
Martin's Rest Home11 Centre St Elmira, ON. N3B 2T8(519) 669-2081
Pilgrim's Provident Retire Hm3 Erb St Elmira, ON. N3B 2J3(519) 669-8950
Abbeyfield House St Andrew's147 Norfolk St Guelph, ON. N1H 4J7(519) 824-9702
Community Care Access Ctr450 Speedvale Ave W #201 Guelph, ON. N1H 7G7(519) 823-2550
Eden House Care Facility IncRr 2 Stn Main Guelph, ON. N1H 6H8(519) 856-4622
Ellington168 Metcalfe St Guelph, ON. N1E 6W3(519) 824-8183
Elliott Home170 Metcalfe St Guelph, ON. N1E 4Y3(519) 822-0491
Ellridge170 Metcalfe St Guelph, ON. N1E 4Y3(519) 836-6125
Guelph General Hospital115 Delhi St Guelph, ON. N1E 4J4(519) 822-5350
Guelph Medical Place Physiotherapy And Health Cent 89 Dawson Road East, Suite 211 Guelph, ON. N1H 1B1(519) 822-8080
Guelph Village Dental103 Clair Rd E, A101 Guelph, ON. (519) 822-7474
Harmony House Rest Home2129 Gordon St Guelph, ON. N1L 1G7(519) 836-1656
Heritage House2113 Gordon St Guelph, ON. N1L 1G7(519) 822-2006
Homewood Health Ctr150 Delhi St Guelph, ON. N1E 6K9(519) 824-1010
Lapointe-Fisher Nursing Home271 Metcalfe St Guelph, ON. N1E 4Y8(519) 821-9030
Meadowcroft Group385 Woolwich St Guelph, ON. N1H 3W8(519) 821-4466
Meadowcroft Place166 College Ave W Guelph, ON. N1G 1S4(519) 822-0090
Medical Health Ctr73 Delhi St Guelph, ON. N1E 6L9(519) 837-6417
Norfolk Manor Inc128 Norfolk St Guelph, ON. N1H 4J8(519) 837-1100
Oxford Lodge135 Oxford St Guelph, ON. N1H 2M8(519) 823-2741
Parkside Christian Village70 Woodlawn Rd E Guelph, ON. N1H 7W7(519) 836-4260
St Joseph's Hospital & Home80 Westmount Rd Guelph, ON. N1H 5H8(519) 824-2620
Stone Lodge165 Cole Rd Guelph, ON. N1G 4N9(519) 767-0880
Uptown Guelph Dental27 Woodlawn Road W Guelph, ON. N1H 1G8(519) 821-1909
Village Of Riverside Glen60 Woodlawn Rd E Guelph, ON. N1H 8M8(519) 822-5272
Hillside ResidencePo Box 99 Maryhill, ON. N0B 2B0(519) 648-3212
Twin Oaks Of MaryhillPo Box 10 Maryhill, ON. N0B 2B0(519) 648-2117
Nithview Home200 Boullee St New Hamburg, ON. N3A 1K2(519) 662-2280
Auburn Green Adult Community322 Rosette Dr Waterloo, ON. N2K 3W7(519) 584-2055
Beechwood Retirement Lodge Inc305 Erb St W Waterloo, ON. N2L 1W4(519) 746-1560
Grand River Hospital-Freeport3570 King St N Waterloo, ON. N2J 4G8(519) 894-8360
Luther Village On The Park139 Father David Bauer Dr Waterloo, ON. N2L 6L1(519) 747-4413
Parkwood Mennonite Home Inc75 Cardinal Cres S Waterloo, ON. N2J 2E6(519) 885-4810
Patterson & Assoc1 Blue Springs Dr Waterloo, ON. N2J 4M1(705) 787-0881
Pinehaven Nursing & Retirement229 Lexington Rd Waterloo, ON. N2K 2E1(519) 885-6990
St John's Senior Citizens' Hm100 Allen St E Waterloo, ON. N2J 1J4(519) 570-1371
Terrace On The Square100 Caroline St S Waterloo, ON. N2L 1X5(519) 749-2888
Trillium Retirement Apartments170 Erb St W Waterloo, ON. N2L 1V4(519) 886-3410
Waterloo Emergency Dental Centre258 King Street North Unit #7 Waterloo, ON. N2J 2Y9(519) 883-0505
Pond View Retirement Village1 Pond View Dr Rr 2 Wellesley, ON. N0B 2T0(519) 656-2433
Let CAMERONS FLOWER SHOP of Kitchener, ON help you send get well wishes to your friend or loved one. Show them how much you care with a floral arrangement or customized get well gift. A basket filled with snacks, bath products, unique jewelry and accessories, or a favorite stuffed animal is a great and easy way to cheer up a loved one. Top off your personalized gift with a fun balloon bouquet. Wanting something a little more traditional? There is no better or more simple way to remind someone that you're thinking of them than with get well flowers. Place your order online or call to customize a gift for that special someone. Let us be the ones to help you wish a loved one "get well soon."